Merchant Gourmet site build

Screenshot from the Merchant Gourmet website

Merchant Gourmet is a provider of high-quality cook's ingredients that helps people bring the flavours of the world into their own homes. I was the lead developer on this site build while contracting for the west-London agency BigFish.

The site features a wide range of content, from products to recipes and travel writing that features ingredients found in the worlds local cuisines.

The UK is a hub for global food culture. The British pallet has expanded hugely since the 1980s and 90s with the British public embracing foods not only from the places of old-empire, but also globally. London, for example, is a fantastic place to find authentic examples of the world's cuisine. From vegan Ethiopian food in Petticoat Lane, to Sushi or Ceviche in Soho, to Portugues in Stockwell or Vietnamese or Indian in Shoreditch, the brits know and love the flavours of the world.

Merchant Gourmet brings that warm embrace of world food culture into your kitchen through great ingredients and plenty of inspiration. It was a pleasure working with BigFish on this build.